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It is full of pictures of the various alien races here on earth, where they came from and why they are here. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading ancient aliens. Project blue book and the university of colorados ufo study were receiving reports filed using air force regulation 8017 afr 8017. After reading through this book, there are a couple conclusions one can derive about humanity and how we fit. As journalist jim marrs wrote in his book, alien agenda. Compiled and edited by loren wiseman and steve jackson, this book features the creations of several favorite traveller authors, including phil masters, david pulver, and david thomas. These races have been protecting earth and humans for as long as there are alien records of it. Gurps traveller alien races 4 brings 16 strange species to life. Russian secret alien races book pdf free download as pdf file. Traditionally, they have blue eyes and blond hair with oriental features. The book is titled, introduction to the alien races book. A brief incursion into any one of timothy goods excellent books will soon lead one to an unmistakable conclusion.

Russian secret alien races book link to pdf link to en. Agharians or aghartians a group of asiatic or nordic humans who, sources claim, discovered a vast system of caverns below the region of the gobi desert and surrounding areas thousands of years ago, and have since established a thriving kingdom within, one which has been interacting with otherplanetary systems up until current times. This is the alien race book by dante santori and his friend. The list below is alexs first release of information from planned et22 series. It seems to number a lot of alien species and posses some questionable information. Secret russian book of alien races and councils pdf reddit. Other say aliens from another planet come on earth and helped mankind to be born. The maitre race have been involved in several tragedies throughout human history, they are one of the most hateful angry evil races in the universe. The books secret alien races is one of the most controversial documents originating from the period when russia was dominated by communism. I am right on board the hyperspace wagon, eagerly awaiting book 2, which means book 1 gets the omgmoar 5 star award from tracing the stars. Introduction to invasive alien species distribution. Very little is known about the five alien races that are part of the council of 5. As their name suggests, these are the most humanlike of all alien races. Smersh counterintelligence service was founded by josef stalin in 1943.

Dante did all of the translations with his friend petro, who later sadly lost his life in a car crash. Secondly, there are many alien races, types and stages described in it. The alien races book or arb published on august 20 20 from some more extensive original notes, can be read here. Gurps traveller alien races 4 download free epub, pdf. One of the stages used by pope francis i jorge mario bergoglio during his visit to brazil in july 20. Secret alien races book translated into english the book is believed to have been written around 194647, with constant additions and revisions over the years. The secret book of alien races translated from russian. A brief introduction to alien races aquarius academy. I would take this book or any et related book for that matter more seriously if the author sprang for a decent artist to draw the aliens as artist renditions i mean a real artist too, not just someones random colored pencil drawings, not just take pictures stolen from the internet, tv shows, and video games.

Ending project blue book in 1969 only cut off one channel. To be more precise, there were eight different classes or races, with drawings and additional information about them. However, at least the pictures make it seem as if you are watching them freely from an ordinary image search even thou. The designation of geographical entities in this book, and the presentation of the material, do not imply the. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Pdf the most dangerous invasive alien species in turkey and posionous marine alien species in turkey find, read and cite all the. Book of alien races translated from the russian kgb book. It was apparently given to a few goverment agents as a kind of a notebook and they added stuff to it over the time. The introduction to alien races book, part 2 recommend reading revised version of part 1, comparing key races from the book and the civilian forum. Books to read online new books stage background alien races film books pope francis guide book illuminati. Also, there is a pdf version out there in the internet. If you would like to, please donate to alex collier, anything you can afford will be appreciated if you dont have. The book of alien races kindle edition by petro, dante and, races, alien, aliens, ancient, files, ufo, books, ufo, species, anunnaki, extraterrestrials. Although reports come in from all over the world, the majority of them center in europe.

Russian secret alien races book pdf download race book. He is a former special forces man who found the book while going through some things of a friends father. The first edition of the book was published in 1946 and was designed to inform the secret agents of the. Alien rpg core rulebook free league publishing alien.

Most telling is the established fact that the us government has denied the existence of ufos and any interest in the issue, while internal documents made public through the years show that a very real and. This book has been taken down from the internet, the best way to view this book it to download the alien race book as a pdf file. On january, 1947, the smersh included a book containing descriptions of top smersh agents who were extraterrestrials. Dante has now come forward and posted the book on his own channel. In 2004, i became friends with an ukrainian guy called petro that i met completely randomly at a bar by the beachi was on holidays and he was there with some friends having some drinks. Here is a great book about connecting with higher consciousness pdf. Arb the alien races book pdf unhypnotize community forum. For a really interesting read, you can download a free copy of the russian secret alien races book in english in pdf form here. There were two separate ufo reporting channels within the government through the 50s and 60s. More specifically, there were eight different species.

There are folks that can get it translated or you could carry on and publish it for free. This book is about an agent of kgb soviet union security agency 195491 made a book about his extraordinary journey on alien races. An alien race reported that the council of 5 last met on earth in 1944. It is apparently a book for smersh agents of the old soviet union. Dante did all of the translations dante santori, a former special forces sergeant from europe, translated a secret book about aliens from russian to english, capturing the minds of many believers in extraterrestrial life in the process. Use a computer, scan the book, convert it to a adobe pdf file and post it. Jefferson souzas blue planet mandate, yellow book, alien races, dulce base, montauk, nibiru, ufo crashes, remote viewing, alien abduction, alien bases, aliens on the moon, alien messages, behold a pale horse, wikileaks.

The fortunate reader of this book will be imbued with knowledge of alien species, descriptions, their ships and place of origin, as well as information on how alien races have contributed to human evolution here on earth. The alien race book fascinating reading educating humanity. Some say an alien civilization existed before mankind was born on planet earth. Later on, in 1947, the smersh included a book with many descriptions provided by top agents who turned out to be aliens. While doing some reading i have came across this 93 page pdf. Some reports claim that these people somehow gain access to homes simply by bypassing locks and security.

Green guys scribd read books, audiobooks, and more. Book of shadows page triple moon symbol goddess chant. If you use them reasonably, as per horror genre, they will last you dozens of sessions. Smersh counterintelligence service was officially founded by josef stalin in 1943.

This alien races book was published on veterans today by gordon duff. Leaked kgb book of complete records of all alien races. You will also discover the negative aspects and possible intentions of some alien races. They believe those aliens come to earth from time to time, keeping a track on how humans are progressing, looming over us like gods. Synonymous terms such as nonnative species or nonindigenous species are more precise and should be used in preference to terms as introduced, exotic, feral.

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