Interpretation of the book of revelations

The book of revelations, a gnostic gospel excommunicate. Is the modern interpretation of the book of revelation. The book depicts him as the risen, glorified son of god ministering among the churches 1. In the first verse of the book, the apostle john recorded christs words, the revelation of jesus christto show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass.

It is commonly read at this, the end of the liturgical year, because it speaks to the passing quality of the things of this world and to the end of the world itself. It can perhaps be best understood in distinction from the other major interpretations of revelation. Since the book of revelation offers a prophetic look into the future, its fulfillment is also prophetic. The book of revelation is notoriously difficult to understand. Revelation 1 new international version niv prologue. Edgar cayces amazing interpretation of the book of. Book of revelation explained a testimony of jesus christ. This false view is held by most protestant denominations, most covenant theologians and many in the reformed movement. In daily mass we have recently been reading from the book of revelation. Here are brief definitions of the four major interpretive approaches. This type of interpretation is often called idealism, and translates the symbols found in the book as universal symbols depicting the clash between good and evil.

It is a curious book unlike any other account in the bible. The revealing is done by the commentators, who know nothing. The interpretation of the book is it symbolic or literal in nature. In fact, the opening passage contains a blessing to everyone who reads, hears, and keeps the words of this prophecy. The book of revelation is the last book in the bible. What is the idealist interpretation of the book of revelation. Its title is derived from the first word of the koine greek text. This is because it is one of the only gnostic gospels that actually made it into the bible.

You will start understanding the book of revelation. This name indicates the meaning of revelation it uncovers matters that had been hidden and discloses events that would happen long after it was written. Symbolism in the book of revelation i will soon conclude this thread dealing with the ancient use of letters of the alphabet for numerals by discussing the most famous instance of them all, the number of the beast in the book of revelation. The book of revelation is by far one of the most challenging books in the bible, yet well worth the effort to study and comprehend. The book of revelation also called the revelation of john or the revelation of st. Those events are subject to interpretation but they are not a salvation issue. John the divinean alternative name for the book of revelationwas written by a prophet, it makes perfect sense that its interpretation is best given by another prophetespecially by the prophet who fulfills the prophecies in the book of revelation. The holy scriptures start with a revelation on the past genesis 1 and they end with a revelation on the future. The greek name of the bible book of revelation, apoka. Some will interpret the how, what, and even the timing in the book of revelation differently depending on their method of interpretation.

The discipleapostle john, who followed jesus christ and witnessed his crucifixion, authored it. The book of revelation often called the revelation to john, apocalypse of john, the revelation from jesus christ from its opening words, the apocalypse, the revelation, or simply revelation is the final book of the new testament, and consequently is also the final book of the christian bible. There are several other articles available on biblical interpretation. The interpretation of the book revelation lamb and. Reagans book, wrath and glory, covers the book of revelation chapter by chapter. Outline for this study of the book of revelationpages 1, 2, and top of page 3. An apocalyptic letter, it relies on visions, symbols, and old testament references to reveal the ultimate fulfillment of gods promise given to abraham in genesis. However in my opinion theres problems with trying to apply the entire book of revelation to that one historical time period because revelation seems to. The book of revelation, a prophecy of warning and hope. Its purpose is to give encouragement and hope for all. The book of revelation was written in the first century a.

I thought it was a discussion of revelation in general, only to find out it was an interpretation of the book of revelation as found in the new testament, and also known as the book of the revelation of saint john the divine. This book takes the view that for the most part revelation is talking about historical events that happened during christianitys earliest years. The revelation is the only prophetic book of the nt and it is the keystone of the word of god. It does not accept the literal interpretation of the book of revelation and instead spiritualizes or allegorizes most of prophesy to make it fix into their interpretation. It is also a book of glory, depicting the continue reading is the modern interpretation of the book of revelation flawed. And so what we have to realize is that in some interpretations of the book of revelationin fact most of themthe interpretation is created by bringing things into. Sincere bible scholars, in fact, disagree about the meaning of some of the symbolic passages. Edgar cayce approaches the revelation most closely to the traditional symbolic interpretation. A testimony of jesus christ is a commentary that explains some of the mysteries of revelation. Revelation greek apokalupsis means an uncovering, an unveiling, or a disclosure.

The book of revelation is perhaps the most mysterious book in sacred scripture. Alan hultberg, associate professor of bible exposition and new testament, shares from the book of revelation in this talbot chapel at biola. The apocalyptic book of revelation is a symbolic glimpse. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant john, 2 who testifies to everything he sawthat is, the word of god and the testimony of jesus christ. Historicism, a method of interpretation in christian eschatology which associates biblical prophecies with actual historical events and identifies symbolic beings. In this view, the book contains neither historical allusions nor predictive prophecy. The apocalypse, or revelation to john, the last book of the bible, is one of the most difficult to understand because it abounds in unfamiliar and extravagant symbolism, which at best appears unusual to the modern reader. An overview of revelation multimedia training kit covers the book of revelation verse by verse. Symbolic language, however, is one of the chief characteristics of apocalyptic literature, of which. Over the centuries, the church has presented countless interpretations and.

We purposely give very little interpretation of johns metaphors, except as is made available in the book of revelation. The revelation is a very solemn book speaking much about divine judgments but it is also a. Reagans video program, revelation revealed, presents a sweeping overview of the entire book of revelation. In other words, it is the way you interpret scripture. Revelation is first and foremost a revelation about jesus christ 1. Youll find four major interpretive approaches to the book of revelation that can help you read, understand, and figure out the apocalyptic letter of john. This view also ignores revelations prophetic character and, if carried to its logical conclusion, severs the book from any connection with actual historical events. And there has been much speculation about it some of it bordering on offthewall, but some of it serious and scholarly. Parts of the old testament, particularly in the book of daniel, are also written in the apocalyptic genre. Symbolism in the book of revelation the bart ehrman blog. Historicist interpretations of the book of revelation wikipedia. An apocalypse is a very specific kind of literature with no modern equivalent. In the new testament, this word describes the unveiling of spiritual truth.

It is most important to understand that the book of revelation does not list the scenes and events in the same order in which they will actually occur. Revelation then becomes merely a collection of stories designed to teach spiritual truth. Some christian scholars in later centuries questioned its authorship, objected to some of its doctrines for instance, its teachings about the millennium or its teaching that people would be judged according to their works, and found its. But he saw beyond the symbolism of earthly matters, seeing the. Ben witherington iii, author of the following article, asking the right question, once hitched a ride from a couple who believed the earth was flat. The interpretation of revelation has always been a subject of debate among bible interpreters. Book of revelation overview church of jesus christ. There will be differences of opinion about exactly what and the timing of events that take place in the book of revelation. The book of revelation was written to seven churches as both encouragement and challenge. Some read the book of revelation as entirely symbolic.

The real meaning of the bibles book of revelation is a popular, ongoing debate. The word revelation means an uncovering, unveiling, a disclosure of truth. The way the book of revelation is actually written is as a series of kind of unfolding revelations, each one of which gets to something deeper in the story. Book of revelation biblical interpretations, pictures. Hermeneutics is the study of the principles of interpretation. When i chose to read this book i had no idea what i was in for. Revelation 1 niv prologue the revelation from jesus. The book of revelation can be confusing to the modern reader because much of it was written using a symbolic style of language that is not used today. Whether were looking for gospel meaning or struggling with understanding revelations in the bible, historical bible study can help us find our way. Its meaning is positive, not fearful or terrifying to those who serve god. John the divine is an example of apocalyptic writing a form that delivers a message using symbols, images and numbers. The book of revelation in the bible is one of the more difficult books of the bible to understand. There are a variety of ways to interpret the book of revelation, and many of these methods overlap.

The book of revelation explained in under 5 minutes youtube. He sent an angel to present this revelation to his servant john. John wrote revelation while a prisoner on the island of patmos, approximately 8595 a. The book of revelation, often called the revelation to john, or the apocalypse of john, is a book of the new testament that occupies a central place in christian eschatology. The key to bible interpretation, especially for the book of revelation, is to have a consistent hermeneutic.

While many associate the word apocalypse with great disaster, the book of revelation begins and ends by saying that those who read, understand, and apply its message would be happy for doing so. The literary genres of the book of revelation are an apocalypse, a prophecy, and an epistle or letter. The book of revelation starts with this is a revelation from jesus christ, which god gave him to show his servants the events that must soon take place. And today we are talking about the book of revelation, a book that has several different interpretations and one that many. But that should not keep us from reading it and understanding its main message. Its title is derived from the first word of the text, written in koine greek.

What is the idealist interpretation of the book of. The interpreters of revelation are divided into three main schools. As the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth 1. The book of revelation, quipped ambrose bierce, is a famous book in which st. While there is only one old testament apocalyptic book daniel and one new testament book that demonstrates some features of this type revelation, it was a common form of writing in the two. Book of revelation explained scripture by scripture. It makes numerous references to various constellations in the night sky. The idealist interpretation could also be called the symbolic or spiritual interpretation. So, the divine author of revelation is jesus christ and the human author is the apostle john. Revelation speaks of things that are already history. The following is the forward and a portion of a chapter from a forthcoming book which, in my view, falls in. Please dont be deceived by those people who come along and say, the book of revelation is apocalyptic. Revelation with book summary versebyverse bible commentary.

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