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You should, because there is a cover inside your package. If you want a channel on your system menu, or enable return to option. Connect the other end of the cable micro usb into the x360key screen 6. Dec 02, 2014 this is a video showing how the xkey works on xbox 360.

The windows usb dvd download tool allows you to create a copy of your windows 78 iso file on a usb flash drive or a dvd. X360dock description x360dock is a solderless usb loader for xbox 360, you can use it to play games from your pclaptopexternal hdd. Play all your ps3 or xbox360 games from any usb media. Nintendo usb loader gx or simpley wii usb loader download. Power on your xbox with xkey installed and your hard drive plugged into the remote or usb stick plugged in the remote. X360key is a usb loader device for xbox360 consoles, allowing users to load. Usbloadergx is a gui for waninkokos usb loader, based on libwiigui. X360key usb hard drive game loader for all xbox 360 slim consoles. The x360key device for xbox 360 usb hard drive adapter.

This is the installation of the xk3y on the fat xbox 360 remember you can buy your. The x360key is an awesome product that will allow you to play games from a usb hard drive. Play games directly from the hard drive for fast loading noiseless operation. Key product registration is being fixed and will be. Discussion in apps pc started by insanenutter, dec 6, 2009. And the x360key aka xkey, xk3y or xkey360 is an optical disc drive emulator for the xbox 360 made by wiikey team. Connect the power cable and the audio\video cable to the xbox 360 8. Aber auch so ist er ein klasse usb loader, welcher sich durch.

Insert your usb drive, and sd card if youre using one, into your wii and launch usb loader gx from the homebrew channel. Its also possible to have several hdd devices connected via a powered usb hub. The problem is when i download xex on my usb flash and. X360key xkey installation video and tutorial xbox 360 usb loader. Xk3y, tutorial install and use xkey by puces consoles tv. If you are interested in wholesale prices, please email us with your location and quantity. The new 3k3y is finally out for 25xx, 3xxx and 4xxx models. Extract usb loader gx and put it in the apps folder on your usb drive or sd card. Installatie stap 3 installeren en configureren van usb. So you will have to download about 100 small rar files, then extract them to a single iso file. If you want to be one of the first to own the x360key, email us at. Usbloader gx ist ein klasse usb loader, welcher stark angepasst werden kann.

Never never do a xbox 360 system updatefrom a game thats on the x360key hard drive. X360key usb hard disk drive game loader ausgamestore. The x360key was the first ode optical disc drive emulator to be announced for the xbox 360, but due to its price a lot of users have pushed it aside. Insert the dongle into the rear usb port on the xbox 360.

How to install xexloader and play games from official hdd. Simply download the app below and upon initial load set you save to. Please note, this can only be played from an exploited xbrebootable 360. A ode is basically a usb loader for the xbox 360 console. Plug your sd card into a usb card reader, plug the card reader into your pc. Do not insert a hard drive or flash drive into the usb adapter dongle while the console.

New x360key firmware now available for xbox 360 slim consoles. Usb loaders such as usb loader gx and wiiflow can create an emunand and use it to launch titles. If we cant get the forums online within the next few days we will add a new download. Registered users can also use our file leecher to download files directly from all file hosts where it was found on. With this device, you can throw away your game disks, you dont need to worry about the games being damaged. The motherboard connects to the sata bus inside the xbox 360, and sits between the drive and the xbox 360 motherboard. Download and extract usb image tool and the xk3y sd card image. X360key xkey installation video and tutorial xbox 360 usb loader duration. Use any usb drivehdd media device formatted in ntfs or other supported file formats. X360key running a custom linux system, x360key is capable of immaculately emulating the optical disk drive in xbox 360, allowing you to play all your xbox 360 and xbox 1 games from any usb media. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates. This is a video showing how the xkey works on xbox 360.

Stylish usb control pad for selecting games and controlling your x360key powerful embedded linux system running from micro sd card included linux firmware fully updatable from usb media fpga fully updatable from usb media via builtin, insystem jtag programming recovery mode it is always possible to recover from a bad flash. To create a bootable dvd or usb flash drive, download the iso file and then run the windows 7 usb dvd download tool. As well, here is our newest install video of the x360key r72 version via. X360key is a usb loader device for xbox360 consoles, allowing users to load games from an external usb hard drive. Sep 28, 2012 how to use x360 usb loader xkey tutorial. Consoletronics xbox360 x360key for xbox360 console x360key for xbox360 console x360key is a usb loader device for xbox360 consoles, allowing users to load games from an external usb hard drive. The tutorial will explain how to install xexloader and patch the default. Xkey xk3yr x360key reloaded solderless usb loader ebay. Whats the difference between x360keyxk3y and x360dock. Key contact details for x360key usb loader mobile 0403 043 703 email email business website.

X360key is a usb loader device for xbox360 consoles, allowing users to load games. Create a folder called games in the root of the hdd. Configurable usb loader as the name suggests is a customizable usb loader for the nintendo wii. Put the 3 files on the root directory of your hard drive or regular micro sd and use the usb reader that came free with your xkey. It allows listing and launching wii games, gamecube games and homebrew on wii and wiiu vwii mode. Download windows usbdvd download tool from official.

How to update xk3yxkeyx360key firmware difficulty 110. Configurable usb loader suits as a well built alternative with a multitude of additional features, a full. This allows you to load games of a usb hard drive without a disk. Also, if you are installing xkey yourself we recommend adding the v2 remote display to your order for easy install and usage. As well, showing it playing an xgd3 backup gears of war 3. Install a cios to run advanced wii homebrew applications. What does the drive have to do with using a usb loader, and why is. Its firmware is easily upgradable via the remote screen or just the usb port on the xbox360. Loading games from nfs and samba shares,xbox live support,backup original xbox 360 games to usb hard drive, x360key will allow make backups through xbox360 to the hard disk. If you do not want to download via the homebrew channel, here is another option, the link for channels.

Also for a nonrghnonjtag console, it might work if you use the hotswap method to install it to the xbox 360 hdd not your usb hdd, but the stock drive because from what i understand, this tricks the console into signing the modded game to that console during the install. Always system updatefrom xbox live or usb stick need to download. Install instructions download the newest revision and extract it to your sd card or usb partition. The xbox 360 now has the ability to play your games from a usb hard drive. I am thinking since the xkey is capable of launching isos then is it possable to use. Also, when ordering from modchipcentral, what is with the install option.

If we cant get the forums online within the next few days we will add a new download page for the micro sd images. To download the latest version usb loader gx click on one of the following links provided updated 2019 usbloadergx2. Interested in playing your xbox 360 games from a usb hard drive. Install homebrew channel on wii and play backup iso files or downloaded torrents from external hard drive or usb. Check if your 360 will work x360key usb loader compatibility list here. If you have any other trouble downloading wii usb loader gx 4. Xkey is not a mod chip or a jtag, instead it is a usb loader. A quick and easy installation video on the x360key xk3y. X360key xkey installation video and tutorial xbox 360. Here is a piece of information on the installation process for the people who want to get familiar with the setup of this application. Video games accessories wholesale cheap x360key for xbox 360 xbox001 xkey firmware v1.

Iso files and drop them in any folder inside the games folder structure. This is a demo of some of the emulators that can be ran inside the homebrew channel, and a quick demo of the usb loader gx links to downloads bootmii. Click download file button or copy wii usb loader 4. It is used for launching homebrew, backup wii games and back up game cube games on the nintendo wii or wiiu vwii mode. How to use x360 usb loader xkey tutorial so now youve installed xkey on your xbox. How to use x360key usb loader there is always a risk of. All xbox 360 homebrew, list of all xbox 360 homebrew at 360hq.

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